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For Tutuee's

How do I contact a tutor?

Vital Educators operates as a find-your-own tutor service. All you need to do is visit our home page, run a search for your required subject / level / location and you will be shown a list of tutors. On each tutor’s profile you will see a range of information provided by the tutor, including details of their experience, subjects and levels taught, qualifications, their hourly charges, and feedback received from previous students. To contact tutors, press the “contact” button on the tutor’s profile. You can then discuss your specific tuition needs with each tutor in our private members area. When all tuition details have been discussed and you and the tutor have agreed to work together, the tutor will accept your request. If you are happy to go ahead with your chosen tutor, please click the Light Green ‘Release details’ button to pay our finder's fee (£14.95, shown in the header of your requests). If you are unable to see this option, you will need to prompt your tutor to accept your request first.

How does payment work?

Once you are happy to proceed with your tutor, we ask you to pay the Vital Educators finder’s fee to receive your tutor’s personal contact information. Vital Educators does not handle payment for the lessons, you will need to pay this to your tutor directly by whichever method you and your tutor agree is most suitable.

Are your tutors DBS checked?

Vital Educators are a tutor / student matching service and all tutors who display their profile on the site are self employed. Private tuition is not classified as a 'regulated activity' under government legislation and as such it is not essential for a private tutor to hold a DBS check. Some of our registered tutors do possess DBS checks because they are also employed as school teachers but we cannot vouch for these checks. Vital Educators are legally required to collect and hold two references for registered tutors in accordance with the employment agency regulations and the Information Commissioner’s Office with whom we are registered. We are also required to complete identity and address checks on all of our registered tutors. Background checks (references, photo identity documents and address checks) and individually reviewed by our compliance manager. Any qualifications we have on file for the tutor will be indicated on their profile (however please note that it is not compulsory for a tutor to have or display qualifications). We recommend that tutees request to see any photo IDs at the beginning of the first lesson.

Can I leave anonymous feedback?

Only registered tutees (verified clients) can leave feedback on a tutor’s profile and only their forename will display. We don’t permit anonymous feedback from individuals outside our website.

I can't pay the finders fee online, can I pay another way?

The only alternative payment method we accept is via bank transfer. Please send an email to customer services if you wish to pay via bank transfer. We will forward the details via email to you.

What happens if I need to cancel or if I need to change my tutor?

We appreciate that sometimes things don’t work out. We want you to receive a positive experience with Vital Educators and will endeavour to do our best to help you should a problem arise. Please Contact us to discuss this with us so we can address any issue you may face.

For Tutors

What do I need to register as a tutor?

To register as a tutor you must be aged eighteen and over and be able to supply us with at least two references, proof of photo identity and proof of address. This information can be securely submitted in the security section of your tutoring account. You will need to create your own profile, detailing your knowledge and experience, in order to showcase your tuition services. Our site attracts a very broad range of tutees - as such, their requirements vary widely and we do not place limitations on tutors by qualification - rather we let the tutee pick the tutor they feel is most appropriate for their needs.

How does payment work?

Vital Educators acts as a matching platform. As a self-employed individual, you will be responsible for collecting payment for the lessons, and declaring any earnings to HMRC.

Do I need a DBS check?

Private tuition is not classified as ‘regulated activity’ under government legislation. A DBS check is not required to be a private tutor as a parent/guardian is expected to be present at all times. If you do have a DBS check, please bring this to your first lesson.

How much does it cost?

It is free to advertise your services with Vital Educators. We do not charge any commission, all we ask is that you help us by adhering to our policies by following our Code Of Conduct and Tutor Guide.

Why isn't my profile in the search?

If you are unable to see your profile on our search listings, it is likely that you have not yet completed your security checks. Another reason could be that you haven’t set the travel options correctly, you can check this from your member’s area.

If I'm unhappy with my feedback, what can I do?

We strongly believe in maintaining the integrity of our feedback system and core to that is allowing students to express their real opinions of the working relationships formed through our service. Our values include transparency and openness, so once a tutor has been reviewed by a client, we don’t remove their review. Please contact our support team for advice on how to manage your ratings.

Tutor Safety

A parent or guardian should be present at all times if you are tutoring a child under the age of 18. When meeting for the first time, we strongly recommend that both parties meet in a safe public place such as a coffee shop or library. Always tell someone else when and where you are going to meet. If tuition is taking place at home, we would recommend that someone else is present in the property.


How much does it cost?

You may contact as many tutors as you wish initially to discuss your individual tuition requirements using our private messaging forum. Only when the tuition details have been discussed and the tutor has accepted your request for tuition (and you have indicated you are ready to proceed), do we charge a flat finder's fee of £14.95. The applicable fee is displayed in the header of the request, once you have made contact with a tutor.

How do I remove my account?

Please contact our customer service team confirming you wish to remove your account. For security reasons, please ensure that you contact us using the email address associated with your Vital Educators account.

How do I contact the Vital Educators team?

Please click here to contact our support services. Our office hours are 8am-7pm seven days a week. Your enquiry is important to us and we always aim to respond promptly and wherever possible within one hour of receipt of your enquiry (during office hours)

Achieve academic success with Vital Educators.

Our trusted tutors have helped 100's of students up their grades and confidence, sending them on their way to success!


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Achieve academic success with Vital Educators.

Our trusted tutors have helped 100's of students up their grades and confidence, sending them on their way to success!


overall student satisfaction score


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of happy students worldwide