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Vital Educators

Vital Educators was established to empower young individuals in our society, by providing easy access to expert coaches and tutors, who can guide and empower students during their educational journey.

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The story of our founder

Arriving in the UK as an immigrant at 15 years old, not speaking any English, he joined a state school and struggled to adapt. Fast forward several years, he’s an Oxford University graduate and holds multiple degrees in both Biochemistry and Education. He attributes his academic success to the support of a tutor upon his arrival to the UK all those years ago. Now, through Vital Educators, he wants to empower students from all walks of life to achieve their own academic goals and fall in love with the joy of learning.

Why we do what we do

We understand that traditional education isn’t one-size-fits-all. With more budget cuts than ever, overworked teachers and increasingly overfilled classrooms, getting bespoke education at school is hard to come by. We believe every student deserves a fair chance at succeeding, so we built Vital Educators to allow every student to get the support they need to reach their goals and hit their grades.

A little about us

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Why Choose us

Easy-to-use interface
Free resources
Verified Coaches/ Tutors
Trusted platforms
Career-based blog

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Our Mission

To change the way our students view education.
To provide an all-in-one solution to prepare students for their professional lives.
To deliver excellent coaching/ tutoring services to anchor students to their chosen path.

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Our Promise

We promise to provide superior customer service, outstanding tutors and all the guidance students need to reach their study goals.

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Our visions

Student’s choice for excellent service and reliability.
Student’s first choice for free resources & content.
Best platform at delivering excellent coaching/ tutoring services.

Frequently Asked Questions.

How do I contact you?

Please use the contact form at the bottom of the page to contact our support services. Our office hours are 8am-7pm GMT seven days a week. Your enquiry is important to us and we always aim to respond promptly and wherever possible within one hour of receipt of your enquiry (during office hours).

How to I find and contact a tutor?

Vital Educators operates as a find-your-own tutor service. All you need to do is visit our home page, run a search for your required subject / level / location and you will be shown a list of tutors. On each tutor’s profile you will see a range of information provided by the tutor, including details of their experience, subjects and levels taught, qualifications, their hourly charges, and feedback received from previous students. To contact tutors, press the “contact” button on the tutor’s profile.You can then discuss your specific tuition needs with each tutor in our private members area.

Are your tutors DBS checked?

Private tuition is not classified as a 'regulated activity' under government legislation and as such it is not essential for a private tutor to hold a DBS check. Some of our registered tutors do possess DBS checks because they are also employed as school teachers but we cannot vouch for these checks. Vital Educators are legally required to collect and hold two references for registered tutors in accordance with the employment agency regulations and the Information Commissioner’s Office with whom we are registered. We are also required to complete identity and address checks on all of our registered tutors. Background checks (references, photo identity documents and address checks) and individually reviewed by our compliance manager.

What happens if I need to cancel or if I need to change my tutor?

We appreciate that sometimes things don’t work out. We want you to receive a positive experience with Vital Educators and will endeavour to do our best to help you should a problem arise. Please Contact us to discuss this with us so we can address any issue you may face.

How do I remove my account?

Please contact our customer service team confirming you wish to remove your account. For security reasons, please ensure that you contact us using the email address associated with your Vital Educators's account.

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